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Healthy Senior Care

All senior care facilities will look after your loved one’s physical needs. They will bathe and feed them, and they will even provide medications and watch for physical problems or challenges. But Haven is committed to providing the one-to-one attention, interaction, and services seniors need to remain healthy and happy--physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In addition to being more affordable than most nursing homes, Haven also strives to help residents thrive and even improve their quality of life by providing skilled and compassionate elder-care. 

Passionate about helping residents maintain as much independence as possible, we take steps to help them develop and improve their self-care skills. For example, we don’t just push residents to the dining area in a wheelchair. We walk with them so they can maintain self-confidence and dignity. They also benefit by maintaining important abilities like walking, building relationships, and conversation skills. 

Haven is a small community, and residents are never just another number. They are valued members of our family. To ensure that residents are mentally engaged, we talk to them, we visit with them, and we learn about their hobbies and other things that interest them. We schedule regular activities like exercise classes, Bible studies, arts and crafts, games, performances, and other enriching activities.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and service to residents. As a result, they are happy and enjoy a higher quality of life.

With regular activities and a safe, clean, loving home that fosters independence, you can feel good about entrusting your loved one’s care to us. Call (517)655-8953 today to schedule an appointment to take a tour, to meet with Director Meaghan Rinaldi, or to learn more about Haven’s foster care program.

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